A refugee in Dar Alshefaa hospital, Kilis (Turkey).
A case of Leishmaniasis, parasitic disease, in "medicine distribution center for syrians", Kilis (Turkey).
Leishmaniasis case, Dar Alshefaa hospital, Kilis (Turkey).
A 14 year old boy hit by an explosion treated in Dar Alshefaa hospital, Kilis (Turkey).
Patient in "medicine distribution center for syrians", Kilis (Turkey).
Dar Al Shifa´s hospital, Al Sha’ar district, Aleppo (Syria).
Rebels in front of an hospital, A’zaz city (Syria).
Khaled Saraj, FSA member and Zaher Taleb, english teacher. Hraytan village (Syria).
Road around Aleppo.
Prisoner in a FSA (Free Syrian Army) check point.
Wael Saraj, Khaled’s brother, FSA member.
Young fighter, Al Sha’ar district, Aleppo.
Ali Dabu, rebels check point in Al Sha’ar district, Aleppo.
Rebel distributes bread for free, Hayan village (Syria).
Syrian flag in the ruins of a school in Al Sha’ar district, Aleppo.
Chlldrens pickaxing some ruins in order to recycle iron, Jabal Badro district, Aleppo.
Distruction, Jabal Badro district, Aleppo.
Destroyed district, Hraytan (Syria).
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